Parrish Owen Taylor

Mental 5

When results are the bottomline and achievement necessary, this simple model develops the core competencies of self-awareness, self-regulation and self-motivation.

Your very own personal navigational guide.

Like your pulse or blood pressure, you have critical advisors that provide instant intelligence for the inside – you engage this model daily.

Critical insights to personal performance and leadership influence.

5 Critical thinking skills. There is new science supporting the paradigm shift – a new way to develop a human being for optimal performance.  A mindset based on critical thinking skills that enable an athlete to consistently deliver under pressure.  Use this book as a personal workout guide for daily routines and guiding principals.  A Coach or Athlete’s handbook for regulating the chatter in your head – before, during and after the performance. 

The chatter in your head that never shuts up. By design, the chatter is constantly running without any effort from you. That’s why we call it chatter.



It was over thirty years ago as a young athlete and soon to be graduating senior from Purdue University that I quickly became aware of the chatter. That negative rant in my head that would just keep playing the same words over and over.

Science and technology have come a long way since that time, specifically, the field of Neuroscience. We are learning more now than ever before in history about the brain and how thoughts and emotions impact different body functions.

The fact is, that chatter is designed to help you achieve in life. What is intended for your good actually becomes your enemy from within if you are not careful with its magnificent power. As in all great power, without discipline, great power becomes a great weakness. The chatter in your head is an asset; a great strength designed and imparted to you. You must learn how to use it. More importantly, learn to use it on demand. And then, teach it. This book is the latest in science, rooted in scripture and made ‘user-friendly’. It is dedicated to you understanding the chatter, realizing the gift and taking responsibility for the gift in your own life.


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